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Lead Acid Batteries
Lead Acid Batteries

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8-30VDC Lead acid battery tester, 20-300CCA measurement range, USB output, LCD display,alligator clips8-30VDC Lead Acid Battery TesterBA1021
12V 110Ah (20hr) Gel battery, M8 terminals, 394mm x 285mm x 110mm, 30.6Kg per piece12V 110Ah Gel BatteryFCTG12-1103/06/2020
2V 300Ah (10hr) Lead acid, valve regulated, gel battery, M8 terminals, 171mm x 151mm x 330mm,18.6Kg per piece2V 300Ah Gel BatteryGFMG-300143
12V 100Ah Lead Carbon battery, long life, deep cycle, 1200A maximum discharge current, 32.0KG,330mm (L) x 219mm (H) x 171mm (W), M8 threaded terminals12V 100Ah Deep Cycle Lead Carbon BatteryJPC12-1006/05/2020
12V 38Ah Lead Carbon battery, long life, deep cycle,456A maximum discharge current, 13.0KG, 197mm (L) x 170mm (H) x 165mm (W), M6 threaded terminals12V 38Ah Deep Cycle Lead Carbon BatteryJPC12-386/05/2020
12V 70Ah Lead Carbon battery, long life, deep cycle, 840A maximum discharge current, 21.8KG,267mm (L) x 215mm (H) x 168mm (W), M6 threaded terminals12V 70Ah Deep Cycle Lead Carbon BatteryJPC12-706/05/2020
12V 7.2Ah Sealed Lead acid battery, high cycle life version, 6.35mm QC terminals, 151mm x 94mm x64.5mm UL94HB enclosure, 2.45KG12V 7.2Ah SLA High Cycle Life BatteryLC-RN127R2P1/07/2020
12V 100Ah VRLA Battery, 6-cell, 103Ah@20hr rate, 500A maximum discharge current, M6 screwterminals, 329mm(L) x 174mm(W) x 222mm(H), 30.5KG12V 100Ah VRLA Deep Cycle BatterySLA-MS12V100D17/06/2020
12V 120Ah VRLA Battery, 6-cell, 123.6Ah@20hr rate, 600A maximum discharge current, M8 screwterminals, 407mm(L) x 175mm(W) x 210mm(H), 36KG12V 120Ah VRLA Deep Cycle BatterySLA-MS12V120D17/06/2020
12V 5Ah VRLA Battery, 6-cell, 5.0Ah@20hr rate, 75A maximum discharge current, F1 4.8mm terminals,90mm(L) x 70mm (W) x 107mm(H)12V 5Ah VRLA BatterySLA-MS12V53/06/2020
12V 7Ah VRLA Battery, 6-cell, 7.0Ah@20hr rate, 105Amaximum discharge current, F1 4.8mm terminals, 151mm(L) x 65mm (W) x 100mm(H)12V 7Ah VRLA BatterySLA-MS12V71/07/2020
6V 10Ah VRLA SLA Battery, 3-cell, 10.0Ah@20hr rate,150A maximum discharge current, F1 4.8mm terminals,151mm(L) x 50mm (W) x 94mm(H)6V 10Ah VRLA BatterySLA-MS6V103/06/2020
6V 4Ah VRLA SLA Battery, 3-cell, 4.0Ah@20hr rate, 60A maximum discharge current, F1 4.8mm terminals,70mm(L) x 47mm (W) x 101mm(H)6V 4Ah VRLA BatterySLA-MS6V43/06/2020
6V 7Ah VRLA SLA Battery, 3-cell, 7.0Ah@20hr rate, 105A maximum discharge current, F2 6.3mmterminals, 151mm(L) x 34mm (W) x 100mm(H)6V 7Ah VRLA BatterySLA-MS6V73/06/2020

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