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Wide input sensor-less CC/CV step-down DC/DC converter, SMD SOP-8 package, 40V 1.5ADC/DC Converter, SMD SO-8, 40V 1.5AACT4514SH-T500
Digital intelligent passive infra-red sensor DSP Schmidt REL output low power consumption 3-15VDCinput 3-pin PCB mountAM322 Digital Intelligent PIRAM32222/12/2020
Microprocessor reset generator, 2.6V, 3-pin, SOT-23Microprocessor Reset Generator SOT-23APX803S-26SA-722/12/2020
RF ASK Receiver 3D Low Power LF Wakeup Receiver, 2.4V - 5.5V, 3-Channel, 19kHz - 150kHz, TSSOP-16SMD packageRF Receiver 3D Low Power Receiver 3-ChAS3931-ZTSM22/12/2020
Atmel AVR low power microcontroller 128K 8-bit RISC SMD package QFP64Atmel 128K MicroprocessorATMEGA128-16AU7
Atmel AVR microprocessor 8-bit RISC 128Kb 32 I/O 6 PWM 10-bit ADC Package 44A 44 pin TQFP SMDATMEGA1284P Atmel ProcessorATMEGA1284P-AU16
Atmel 16Kb 2.7V - 5.5V TQFP32 SMD MicroprocessorAtmel 16Kb TQFP32 MicroATMEGA168-20AU22/12/2020
Atmel 64K MicroprocessorAtmel 64K MicroprocessorATMEGA64-16AU22/12/2020
0.13A 50V P-Channel enhancement mode FET, SMD, SOT-23-350V 0.13A P-Channel SMD SOT-23-3 MOSFETBSS84ZG-AE2-R6/11/2020
1000V 1.6A N-Channel SMD MOSFET, DPAK1000V 1.6A N-Channel SMD MOSFETFQD2N100TMTR17/11/2020
1000 BASE-T Magnetics module IC SMD 46-pin1G Ethernet Magnetics ICH5014NLT250
TFT Mobile single chip driver IC, 240RGB x 320 dot, 262K colour with internal GRAMTFT Driver ICHX8347G5/01/2021
3.3V Low dropout linear regulator 800mA SMD TO252-3 packageLDO Regulator, SMD, TO252LM1117DTX-3.322/12/2020
3.3V Low dropout linear regulator, 800mA, SMD SOT-223-4 package3.3V SMD LDO Regulator, SOT-223-4, 800mALM1117MPX-3.3/NOPB22/12/2020
SMD Dual operational amplifier SOIC-8SMD Operational Amplifier SO8LMV358L-S08-R2500
Li-ion Polymer shunt battery charger IC, 8-pin plastic DFN SMD packageLi-ion Polymer Shunt Battery Charger ICLTC4070EDDB-TRMPBFDKR22/12/2020
MAX3223CPWR 120KBPS TSSOP20RS232 Dual Transceiver SMD TSSOP-20MAX3223CPWR22/12/2020
SMD Hall effect sensor, ultra-sensitive, omni-polar, SOT-23, 6V 3.5mA, CMOSSMD Hall Effect Sensor SOT-23OH921322/12/2020
SMD Hall effect sensor, ultra-sensitive, omni-polar, SOT-23, 6V 3.5mA, CMOSSMD Hall Effect Sensor SOT-23OH9213-S11/12/2020
PIC16 Series microcontroller 8-bit CMOS 128B RAM 3.5Kb flash SMD SOIC28 packageCMOS Microcontroller SMD SO-28PIC16F886-I/SO17/11/2020
Microchip Microcontrollers 40MHz 32KB SMD MCU SOICPIC18F Microcontroller, 40MHz, SO-28PIC18F25J10-I/SO22/12/2020
Renesas M16C/65 16-Bit microcomputer 384KB ROM1 16KB ROM2 31KB RAM 100pin QFP SMD package (#30version)M16C/65 Renesas MCU ProcessorR5F3650KDFB16/02/2021
SMD Single-bit, dual supply, bus transceiver with configurable voltage translation and 3-stateoutputs, 3.3V, SC70-6 package, 420MbpsSMD Single-Bit Dual Supply TransceiverSN74LVC1T45DCK1055
RS-485 SMD Transceiver SOIC-8 (MSOP-8), +/-15kV ESDprotected, 1/8th unit load, failsafe receiverRS-485 SMD Transceiver 5V SOIC-8SN75HVD3082EDR22/12/2020
Sipex SP232 RS232 SMD Driver IC (TUBE Packaging)Sipex SP232 Driver ICSP232ECT200

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