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PCB Ferrites and Magnetics
PCB Ferrites and Magnetics

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10uH 20% 2.1A SMD Inductor, 4.4mm x 4.2mm10uH 2.1A SMD Inductor 0420CDM0420CDMCCDS-100MCIn stock
100MHz 600R 50V Common mode inductor SMD 1812Common Mode Inductor SMD 1812ACM4532-601-2P-T00116/04/2020
Common mode inductor 1.2A SMD 3225 (1210)SMD 3225 Common Mode Inductor 1.2AACP3225-102-2P-T000In stock
47uH 20% 2.1A SMD Inductor, 10.4mm x 10.3mm footprint, 128R DCR47uH 2.1A 20% SMD InductorBSF1004RHGS470MTIn stock
260R 100MHz Ferrite cable clamp filter260R 100M Ferrite Cable ClamC2L-RU130B-LFIn stock
33uH +/-10% 2A 0.1RDC PTH LGB series inductor, 5mm PCB pitch33uH +/-10% 2A PTH InductorLGB-X0810-330K19/03/2020
31R 3000mA SMD 1206 Multi-layer chip suppressor31R 3A SMD Ceramic Cap SuppressorMI3216-310-3A-LFIn stock
AC Common mode choke low profile standard winding 20mH 0.5A 300V20mH 500mA Common Mode ChokePLA10AN2030R5R2B16/04/2020
47uH 30% 2.1A SMD Inductor, 10.5mm x 10.3mm footprint, 128R DCR47uH 2.1A 30% SMD InductorSDC104R-470N-LFIn stock
1mH 10% 0.3A SMD wirewound inductor, 3.9r RDC, 7mm x 5mm case size1mH 0.3A 10% SMD InductorSDR75-102K-LF16/04/2020

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