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White shaft cover for DRG-310ERF rotary encoder 3:3 pin out (real code) UL94V-0 grade plasticShaft Cover for DRG-310ERF118-801003/06/2020
Plunger tamper switch, adjustable screw plunger, 11mm diameter, closed loop, N/O, 6.2mm travel, 10Wcontact rating, 100VAC/VDC 0.5A switching voltage/currentPlunger Tamper Switch 11mmBR-10516/05/2020
Cotco Encapsulated moulded reed switchReed SwitchCT10-1030-G13/06/2020
10mm x 10mm Real code rotary encoder through hole sealed with shaft rotor10mm x 10mm Rotary EncoderDRG-310ERF3/06/2020
10 Position hexadecimal switch 5.08mm pitch real code right angle PCB mountingHex Switch 10 PositionDRG-310ERR5F3/06/2020
SMD Rotary encoder switch 10mm x 10mm 3:3 pin out 10 position sealed Au platedSMD 10mm x 10mm Rotary EncoderDRG-310LRMCF3/06/2020
SMD Tactile Switch, 6.0mm x 3.7mm, 2.5mm height, 1,000,000 cycle (minimum life), 160gf operatingforceSMD Tactile Switch 6mm x 3.7mm x 2.5mmKFC-36-T23/06/2020
SMD Tactile Switch 6.0mm x 3.5mm, 4.3mm shaft height, 50,000 cycle (min), 520gf operating forceSMD Tactile Switch 6mm x 3.5mm x 4.3mmKFC-36-T4-0433/06/2020
SMD Tactile Switch 6.0mm x 6.0mm, 9.5mm shaft height, 80,000 cycle (min) MTBF, 260gf operatingforceSMD Tactile Switch 6mm x 6mm x 9.5mmKFC-66-T1-09537000
Snap action microswitch, with roller arm lever actuator, 250gf, 250V 16A, UL , CE, VDE approvedMicroswitch Lever Action SPDT 16A 250VKW01H06AP-173878
Snap action microswitch, with roller arm lever actuator, 1.1N operating force, 250V 16A, UL , CE,VDE approvedMicroswitch Lever Action SPDT 16A 250VKW3A-16Z5-D2005375
Momentary pushbutton switch, snap-in bushing, solder lug connections, Gold over Silver contacts,epoxy sealed, blue cap colour, blue indicator LED, 1000000cycle MTBFPushbutton Switch, Blue Cap, Blue LEDPA-S6-B1-M1AE-S-7-L717/06/2020
Pushbutton momentary switch snap-in bushing solder lug Gold over Silver contacts epoxy sealedblue cap colour with blue indicator LED 1000000 cycle MTBFPushbutton Switch, Blue LEDPA-S6-M1AES7-L-73/06/2020
6mm x 6mm SMD Tactile switch 160gmf operating force 5mm stem height 12VDC 50mA5.0mm SMD Tactile SwitchPTA-144AJMTR80000
9.5mm SMD Tactile switch 250g operating force tape and reel9.5mm SMD Tactile SwitchPTA-144CHMTR7595
SMD Tactile switch 6mm x 6mm 4.3mm height 250g operating force4.3mm SMD Tactile SwitchPTA-144HMTR5000

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