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1mH 10% 0.3A SMD wirewound inductor, 3.9r RDC, 7mm x 5mm case size1mH 0.3A 10% SMD Wirewound InductorBS0705CDSU102KA03T5000
17uH 3C85 U15 Half core 32-turn inductor, 70mR, 400A/1mS, 4-pin PTH mount17uH U15 InductorLUF15-170K6194
17uH 3C85 U15 Half core 32-turn inductor17uH U15 InductorLUF15-470K3/06/2020
5mm x 3mm Neodymium N35 magnet, Ni-Cu-Ni coated, 50pces/tube5mm x 3mm Neodymium MagnetOD5-3T8/05/2020
SMD Inverter transformer 50:350 ratio 410uH +/-10% as per approved technical drawings andapproved samples 250pcs per reelSMD Inverter TransformerSTEF12.6-002250
PCB Mount torroidal transformer Revision A0 18 turns primary/secondary tinned pins 3.0mHinductance 32mR DC resistance central insulator spacer fitted to be manufactured exactly inaccordance with approved drawings and samples18T 3mH Torroidal TransformerTRF2510H-302Y3/06/2020
SMD Common mode filter, 8A, 6mR, 125V, 500R @ 100MHz8A 6R Common Mode ChokeWCM-1211SE-701T1500

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