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Nylon Spacer M8 12mm OD 5mm LNylon Spacer M8 12mm OD 5mm L01-8NE05In stock
M3 Nylon washer, 0.5mm thickness, 3.1mm(ID) x 7.1mm(OD)M3 Nylon Washer03-PNW3/7AIn stock
Black plastic plug, locking, barbed shaftBlack Plug, Barbed, Locking04-XTS614In stock
M2.5 x 5mm Nylon screw pan slot headM2.5 x 5mm Nylon Screw08-PNS2.5-05PS17/01/2020
White shaft cover for DRG-310ERF rotary encoder 3:3 pin out (real code) UL94V-0 grade plasticShaft Cover for DRG-310ERF118-8010017/01/2020
Monitor/LCD adjustable bracket, 2-axis, VESA mount, outdoor rated, complete with mountinghardware and levelMonitor VESA Bracket, Outdoor Rated174SS17/01/2020
Hole Plug TPE Bung type 6.0mm Hole6mm Hole Plug22-PHD06In stock
QTT13000 2M13000 Ceramic Fish Spine Bead No. 0 ROHS Compliant (59500pcs / Kg)Ceramic Fish Spine Bead3M1300017/01/2020
Loctite 2701 Green Pipe & Thread Sealant Liquid for Threadlocking. 50 ml Bottle, -55 to +150CLoctite 2701 Thread Sealant508-664917/01/2020
PCB Mount fuse holder, 250V 6.3A rating, 5mm x 20mm fuse size, 22.6mm PCB pitch (includes cover)PCB Mount Fuse Holder, 20mm x 5mm563-756In stock
Silicone adhesive thermal transfer pasteSilicon Adhesive Thermal Paste849-7400In stock
OKW Desktop enclosure off-white Comtec 150 series 150mm x 200mm x 52mmOKW Desktop EnclosureA061500717/01/2020
DATEC Pocket Box M (Black), ABS, IP54 sealed, 105mm x 58mm x 18.5mmDATEC Pocket Box M (Black)A907111917/01/2020
DATEC Pocket Box M (Black), ABS, IP54 sealed, 105mm x 58mm x 18.5mm, machined with custom slotDATEC Pocket Box M (Black) - MachinedA9071A21In stock
Multi-layer chip antenna, SMD, for IEEE802.11a/b/g/n (WiFi/BT)SMD Multi-Layer WiFi/BT Chip AntennaANT016008LCD2442MA1In stock
Alloy metal enclsoure, IP67, 280mm x 186mm x 84mm, Stainless Steel screws, silicon gasket, heatsinkstyle caseWaterproof IP67 Metal Alloy EnclosureAWP365In stock
5mm Allen key (hex wrench), black Cr-V steel, long version5mm Allen Key Tool (Hex Wrench)AZ01-M050HIn stock
6mm Allen key (hex wrench), black Cr-V steel, long version6mm Allen Key Tool (Hex Wrench)AZ01-M060HIn stock
TO220 Heatsink 15C/WTO220 Heatsink 15C/WBK-S07-0025-RA10/01/2020
TO220 Heatsink 15C/W 25.4mm x 12.7mm x 30.0mm bolt-on styleTO220 Heatsink 15C/WBK-T220-0042-00717/01/2020
TO220 Heatsink black anodised tin plated brass pins as per approved drawings and specificationsTO220 HeatsinkBK-T220-0063In stock
Plunger tamper switch, adjustable screw plunger, 11mm diameter, closed loop, N/O, 6.2mm travel, 10Wcontact rating, 100VAC/VDC 0.5A switching voltage/currentPlunger Tamper Switch 11mmBR-105120/12/2019
Zinc plated screw for use with BR-1051 plunger tamper switch, 6-32 x 5/8" UNC machine threadScrew 6-32 x 5/8" UNC Pan ZincBR-1051-SCREW20/12/2019
M3 x 16 SS304 Button Socket ScrewButton Socket ScrewCAPSM3164BIn stock
ABS Plastic enclosure, 100mm (L) x 68mm (W), wall mounting flanges, Stainless Steel hardware, customcontinuous O-ring, CNC machining, textured surface, as per approved drawings and samples100mm x 68mm Black ABS EnclosureCN608In stock

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