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Nylon Spacer M8 12mm OD 5mm LNylon Spacer M8 12mm OD 5mm L01-8NE0518/03/2021
M3 Nylon washer, 0.5mm thickness, 3.1mm(ID) x 7.1mm(OD)M3 Nylon Washer03-PNW3/7A871
Black plastic plug, locking, barbed shaftBlack Plug, Barbed, Locking04-XTS614474
PCB Support post, nylon, M3 female screw, firm locking grip, 4mm PCB hole diameter4mm M3 Screw PCB Nylon Support Post05-PBU1087
M2.5 x 5mm Nylon screw pan slot headM2.5 x 5mm Nylon Screw08-PNS2.5-05PS18/03/2021
MAX-LOC Strain Relief Cord-Sealing Grip, 1/2" NPT, Straight Male with O-Ring, Cable Diameter6.35mm-7.93mm (.250-.312"), Woodhead 5524W1/2" NPT Cord Sealing Grip 6.3mm-7.9mm130098-005616/03/2021
MAX-LOC Strain Relief Cord-Sealing Grip, 3/4" NPT, Straight Male with O-Ring, Cable Diameter11.10mm-12.70mm (.437-.500"), Woodhead 5536W3/4" NPT Cord Sealing Grip 11.1mm-12.7mm130098-009916/03/2021
MAX-LOC Strain Relief Cord-Sealing Grip, 1" NPT, Straight Male with O-Ring, Cable Diameter19.05mm-22.23mm (.750-.875"), Woodhead 5556W1" NPT Cord Sealing Grip 19.1mm-22.2mm130098-015716/03/2021
Hole Plug TPE Bung type 6.0mm Hole6mm Hole Plug22-PHD068727
4-Port Irrigation manifold, 2 x 1" male NPT ball valves, 1 x 1" female NPT port, 1 x 3/4" femaleNPT port, 2 x 1/2" NPT female ports, all fittings glued and sealed, as per approved technicaldrawings and samples - correct construction order as follows ->

1" ball valve -> 1/2" NPT F port -> 3/4" NPT F port -> 1" NPT F port -> 1/2" NPT F port -> 1"ball valve4-Port Irrigation Manifold4PORT-MANIFOLD29/01/2021
PCB Mount fuse holder, 250V 6.3A rating, 5mm x 20mm fuse size, 22.6mm PCB pitch (includes cover)PCB Mount Fuse Holder, 20mm x 5mm563-75646
250mm x 3.6mm cable tie, black nylon 66(UL), 18KG tensile strength, 94V-2 flame class, UV resistant250mm Cable Tie, Black, UV ResistantCV-250MW626
432mm x 4.8mm cable tie, black nylon 66(UL), 22KG tensile strength, 94V-2 flame class, UV resistant432mm Cable Tie, Black, UV ResistantCV-432W631
13mm Clip for flat ribbon cable (HPM)13mm Clip for Flat Ribbon CableDQ13820
160mm x 2.5mm Cable tie, black nylon 66(UL), 8KG tensile strength, UL94V-0 flame class160mm Cable Tie, Black, UV ResistantGT-160M(B)4188
4mm Plastic PCB standoff, natural Nylon 66, UL94V-24mm Plastic PCB StandoffLCF-43984
6.8mm Clear LED press-fit lens cap, UL94V-2 PC-110U(f1) material6.8mm Clear LED Press-Fit LensLEM-149PC118/03/2021
13mm Hose barb fitting, 25mm BSP female fitting with integrated silicone UV35+ O-ring, UVresistant plastic13mm Hose Barb to 25mm Female FittingLNT132518/03/2021
M22 x 1.5 Cable gland, black colour, Nylon 6 Neoprene gasket, 7-12mm cable range, IP68 waterresistance, UL certifiedM22 Black IP68 Cable GlandM22-BLACK-GLAND1713
M22 x 1.5 Threaded plug, black colour, Nylon 6 Neoprene gasket, IP68 water resistance, ULcertifiedM22 Black IP68 Threaded PlugM22-BLACK-PLUG819
M22 EPDM Rubber gasket, for use with M22 cable glands and plugsM22 EPDM Rubber GasketM22-GASKET660
Rubber push-fit foot, 10mm diameter x 7.5mm height, EPDM, flame retardant category V0, blackRubber Push-Fit Foot 10mm x 7.5mmMHD-7.5IV06642
PG11 Cable gland grey Nylon 6 Neoprene gasket 5-10mm cable range IP67 rated UL certifiedPG11 Cable GlandPG11-GREY-10MM1956
1/4" Quick connect polypropylene plug, food grade, 60psi max operating pressure at 140F1/4" Quick Connect Polypropylene PlugPP0808W18/03/2021
10mm Circular silicone rubber foot, black, 3M adhesive base, 0.65mm thickness10mm Circular Adhesive Rubber FootR1001K-XDB4894

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